Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Career Links

Human Rights Campaign -- Information about GLBT issues in the workplace, family, local and national news, and more. Also contains resource packets and advice columns on topics such as coming out at work and domestic partner benefits.

Gay Republic Daily - International gay issues news site including articles on gay rights, gay culture, politics, and other topics with a worldwide focus. Includes links to gay news blogs and other sites.

Gay Rights at Change - Gay rights news site sponsored by Includes issues news from around the world and ways to take action on marriage equality, GLBT rights and other issues.

ACLU - Lesbian and gay rights commission of the ACLU, offering information on law, legislation and lobbying for equality and recognition in the GLBT community.

Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute - Supports and encourages GLBT citizens running for public office and maintains information on openly GLBT elected officials throughout the United States.

LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index: - Based on collaborative research by supporters of the GLBT community, the Index is intended to set a national standard for respect, inclusiveness, and support resources for GLBT students, and offers information on GLBT campuses around the country.

Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals - Job listings, consultancy, internships and other resources for educational professionals whose work includes promoting a safe and inclusive environment.

GLBT Historical Society - Archives materials and organizes exhibitions focusing on the development and importance of the GLBT community. Also holds social events and offers news and other resources.

Soulforce: Freedom for LGBT People - Non-profit organization promoting “freedom from religious and political oppression” and offering educational and outreach material focusing on promoting understanding between GLBT people and religious communities.












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