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Master of Arts in English for Teachers

Enhancing Teaching Practices, Inspiring Students

The MA in English for Teachers program is not accepting applications for admission at this time. Thank you for your patience as we update our program offerings. A new option for teachers is anticipated for Fall 2025.

The Master of Arts in English for Teachers is an inspiring, engaging, and challenging program that emphasizes breadth and depth of subject matter, as it deepens passion for language arts and literature. Not only will you become more immersed and connected to your study, but you will also develop the teaching skills to help your passion and expertise translate in the classroom to inspire your students.

Why Choose Master of Arts in English for Teachers?

The program is an alternative to the traditional choice of a master's degree in education or English, addressing the need for a practically focused graduate English program. By introducing practical tools to help you develop standards-based curricula and assessment, it addresses your pedagogical needs. The curriculum focuses on courses in literature, grammar, reading, and rhetoric related to the practical needs of teachers, and all tied to pedagogy and The Frameworks.

What to Expect English

“I love learning, I’m a lifelong learner, and I also feel like that's important to show my students,” says Sable Johnson. “The Master of Arts in English for Teachers was the first degree I got there. It was night classes, so I would go and teach during the day and then I would come here for class. I loved that because the classes were small.”

What Will You Study?

The program requires a total of 10 graduate courses (30 credit hours), including a three-credit capstone seminar. Students have the option of selecting up to three education courses. The curriculum stresses four competency areas: writing, speaking, reading/studying literature, and contemporary issues in the teaching of English. Course topics include advanced grammar; teaching writing; teaching English in a multicultural classroom, and literary studies in Shakespeare, poetry, and great works of American literature.

Top Five Reasons to Choose The MA in English for Teachers

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Convenient for a Teacher’s Schedule

Online classes meet one night per week and are delivered via Zoom and Kodiak, a Desire to Learn platform, our easy-to-use learning management system.

"The MA in English for Teachers program accommodates the very full/busy life of the teacher."—Caitlin Walker

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Small Class Sizes

With an average class size under 20 students, you will easily engage with faculty and classmates.

"The small classes encourage lively discussions."—Kristen McClintock

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Caliber of Faculty

Our faculty have authored over a dozen books, including novels, scholarly studies, and textbooks. They hold the most advanced degrees in their fields and several have substantial teaching experience at the secondary school levels.

"The professors at WNE are the most knowledgeable and approachable I’ve learned from at the three colleges I’ve attended."—Ben McNeil

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A Fulfilling Experience

"The coursework is rigorous and challenging, but the take-a-ways are beyond invaluable. You end each semester feeling like you accomplished something and that you will actually use what you learned over the years, both in your classroom and in life. There is nothing better than feeling like all the effort you put in adds up and you actually 'get something' out of it."—Alison Alegresso

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Relevant and Customizable

"I chose the MA in English for Teachers for its course offerings. I wanted to learn more about the trends in education and be able to keep my instruction current."—Elizabeth Supranovich

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