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3+1 Pharmacogenomics

Harnessing the Power of Precision Medicine

Whether you want to conduct the research that continues to revolutionize precision medicine or be part of the clinical implementation of those findings, a Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics degree from WNE will prepare you to help shape the future of personalized medicine.

Pharmacogenomics is a fast-growing field that explores a patient’s DNA sequence to determine how they are most likely to respond to medications. Pharmacogenomics supports precision medicine, which incorporates a patient’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle to create a personalized treatment plan that will best suit the patient. The goal of this modern approach to medication therapy is to optimize response and beneficial outcomes while limiting adverse effects and toxicities.

Join this emerging field on the cutting-edge of medicine and become part of the life-changing breakthroughs in the pharmacogenomics industry.

Why choose 3+1 Pharmacogenomics?

Two degrees of preparation—students can earn both the BS and MS degrees in just over four years (i.e., four years and one additional summer semester) from entry as an undergraduate. When you pursue the 3+1 in Pharmacogenomics, you'll save time and tuition as you prepare to enter the field. Incoming students spend their first three years at WNE working towards completing their bachelor's degree and general university requirements, as well as prerequisite MSPGx coursework. In the fourth year, students transition to the full-time graduate program, graduating with both degrees at the end of the summer.

Three Pathways to the MS in Pharmacogenomics

What Will You Study?

Through foundational and advanced courses in Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, Medical Genetics, Genetic Counseling, Pharmacogenetics, Genetic Research and Data Analysis, and others, as well as skill building experiential courses in the laboratory and clinic, you’ll be well versed to enter the field of precision medicine.

Courses are taught in the state-of-the-art classrooms and labs of the Center for the Science and Pharmacy, and will prepare you for career opportunities in basic research, the pharmaceutical industry, at genetic testing laboratories, or clinical sites. As a WNE graduate, you will also possess the skillsets prized by employers: divergent thinking, communication, teamwork, leadership, and an entrepreneurial mindset—essential to careers in discovery and innovation.

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