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Health Studies

From Prevention to Policy

Our Health Studies major provides students with a core science curriculum that will prepare them to obtain more advanced training in health-related fields that focus on the social, psychological, and public health perspectives. A concentration is also offered in Pre-occupational Therapy for students who intend to pursue a Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree.

Why Choose Health Studies?

Careers in the medical fields require different curriculums to prepare students for their chosen path. Not all of these professions require science-heavy courses, and instead focus on the practical side of health careers. The Health Studies major at Western New England University complements a wide variety of careers such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, and public health. It also offers most of the prerequisites for a doctorate in physical therapy and accelerated nursing programs. Students can take advantage of our 3+3 Doctor of Occupational Therapy program, which provides a pathway for qualified students to be admitted to the WNE Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. 

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98% Class of ’22 employed/attending graduate or professional school within 6 months of graduation

What Will You Learn?

You will be immersed in the study of biology to understand the basic structure and functioning of cells and organisms. You will take courses in General Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology, Mathematical Analysis, and Statistics, as well as courses in the general liberal arts curriculum. You will be able to explore advanced topics in our health science elective courses on topics such as Nutrition and Microbiology. With a strong emphasis on lab work, you will have access to the modern labs and equipment of the Center for the Sciences and Pharmacy.

Unique Learning Opportunities

Study Abroad

Study Abroad: Become a Global Citizen

Today’s workforce needs professionals who see the big picture. The College of Arts and Sciences will help you to become a student of world cultures and histories as they relate to your studies while making valuable contributions in your explorations. Whether you participate in a faculty-led summer seminar course or spend a semester at an international university, the experience will broaden your horizons and help you compete in the global landscape.

Study Abroad

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