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PharmD Pathway: High School Applicants

Shaping the Future of Pharmacy Practice

Our 0-6 Doctor of Pharmacy program is designed for high school seniors who know that they want to pursue a career in pharmacy. Applicants should have successfully completed the following prerequisites:

  • 4 units of English
  • 4 units of math equivalent to algebra I and II, geometry, pre-calculus, or a comparable course that provides a solid foundation in calculus
  • 2 units of laboratory science, including biology and chemistry. Physics with a laboratory is recommended.
  • 1 unit of United States history

Qualifying high school seniors admitted to the 0-6 Doctor of Pharmacy program are guaranteed a seat in the professional phase of the program (years 3-6), provided they meet academic milestones during their first two years of pre-professional studies.

In the Pharmacy program, you are eligible to receive a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy Studies after four years of study and the PharmD degree after six years.