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Research is integral to the programs of study at the College of Arts and Sciences. Our students work collaboratively among themselves, with faculty, and with the University's other Colleges to produce a wide-range of research. 

Western New England University believes it is vitally important for undergraduate students to have opportunities to attend professional conferences in their disciplines to observe leading experts in their fields, and often to present their own work. That is why we support faculty led travel opportunities to these conferences. 

Such collaborative research lays the foundation for our students to enroll in graduate programs and to excel there based on the high-level of their research experiences here. 

Our graduate programs create opportunities for students to pursue in-depth research. The Doctoral program in Behavior Analysis is world renowned and is ranked third in top publishing by the ABAI. 

You can read about the latest research and accomplishments of our students and faculty in Accolades, our publication celebrating these achievements.