Liang Niestemski


Ph.D., Boston College


Previous Academic Positions:

Weiss Instructor of Physics, Rice University, Houston TX

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics, Colgate University,  Hamilton, NY


I am interested in developing theoretical methods and computational simulations to study complex networks and time series in nature. 

  1. Theory of strongly correlated many electronic networks, especially high temperature superconductors.
  2. Physics based models in biological networks, such as the bacteria phage co-evolving system, COVID-19 diffusion modeling, etc.
  3. Statistical theory of the personalized critical care
  4. Dynamics of social networks

Scholarly Works

Journal Articles

Jeong-Man Park, Liang Ren Niestemski, and Michael W. Deem (2015 ). Quasispecies Theory for Evolution of Modularity . Physical Review E 91, 012714

Pu Han, Liang Ren Niestemski, Jeffrey Barrick, Michael W. Deem (2013 ). Physical Model of the Immune Response of Bacteria Against Bacteriophage Through the Adaptive CRISPR-Cas Immune System . Phys. Biol. Apr.10(2):025004

Man Chen, Liang Ren Niestemski, Robert Prevost, Michael McRae, Sharath Cholleti, Tim Buchman, Michael W. Deem (2013 ). Prediction of heart rate response to conclusion of spontaneous breathing trial by fluctuation dissipation theory . Phys. Biol. 10 016006

Liang Ren Niestemski, Ziqiang Wang (2009 ). Valence Bond Glass Theory of Electronic Disorder and the Pseudogap State of High-Temperature Cuprate Superconductors . Physics Review Letters 102, 107001

Courses Taught

Physics of the Life Sciences I & II
Electricity and Magnetism
Solid State Physics
Sound and Music
Physics of Human Body
Physical Geology