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Integrating Video Into Education

Echo360 is a system for creating and streaming instructional videos and audio-only podcasts. 

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Are you an instructor new to Echo360? Start with this Echo360 Essentials self-directed course which includes handouts, videos, and knowledge checklists. Email to be added to the course.

Echo360 Questions and Answers

Record in the Classroom

All classrooms have the "Classroom" version of the Echo360 Universal Capture software installed.  This capture software can record the display of the instructor's PC, plus a webcam if available in the room.   To record the room's document camera, you can use an installed program ("Samsung USB Viewer" for Samsung doc cams, or "Ladibug" for Lumens doc cams) to display the image on your computer screen, which then can be recorded by the Echo360 software.

The following classrooms have Echo360 recording appliances, which can record any image displayed on the projector closes to the instructor's desk, including the document camera or a personal laptop brought into the room:

CSP 200, 300, 400
Sleith 105, 107, 108, 111, 301
Email if you're interested in using Echo360 in a classroom that's not currently equipped.

Record with your Personal Computer

Echo360's Universal Capture: Personal software allows you to use any computer (Windows or Mac) to create recordings and publish them to the Echo360 system.

Watch this video covering these topics:

Import Videos From Other Sources

Echo360's media import function allows common media formats, such as mp3, m4v, and wmv, to be uploaded to the system. You can also use the Echo360 Mobile Upload app to record with your smartphone.

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