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Success Stories

Our Work Speaks For Itself

50 year-old disabled veteran facing a debt collection in the amount of $3,028.92, for which we successfully leveraged a complete dismissal, as his only source of income is VA benefits.

56 year-old truck driver, who had been temporarily laid off since the pandemic, facing a default judgement for a hearing that occurred on March 4, 2020. The defendant did not attend as he was out-of-state visiting his elderly father, who was an early victim of COVID-19. We filed a motion and argued successfully to remove the default judgement and settled the matter at less than half the amount sought.

55 year-old woman gainfully employed but with physical limitations facing a debt collection of $4,600. Defendant unsuccessfully attempted to resolve the matter with plaintiff’s counsel prior to CSJ involvement. We successfully resolved this matter in a private settlement agreement, with no judgement against defendant for $1,300, saving the defendant $3,300.

Thank you so much! I very much appreciate your help in these cases.  You and your organization have been a blessing to me.  You are doing great work for people in my situation.  (Comment from an anonymous client)