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Your Gateway to Financial Support

There are a number of scholarship opportunities available to returning students. 

At Western New England University, we recognize the accomplishments and financial need of our students through a variety of scholarships and awards. Please review the scholarship descriptions to understand which scholarships or grants you may be eligible for.

Western New England University scholarships and grants are not tuition-specific but are intended to pay for billed charges and not external costs to the university (ex. Off campus housing). Western New England financial aid will be reduced if combinations of grants and scholarships from all sources exceed the billed charges and may be adjusted when tuition based external scholarships or grants are given.  Tuition based external grants and scholarships are taken into consideration first in awarding policies.

PLEASE NOTE: Western New England University Grants and Scholarships are funded in part by generous gifts from Western New England donors. Student recipients are matched based upon donor specified criteria and once identified, your Western New England University grants or scholarship will have a portion of that financial aid renamed according to the proportion that was funded by the specific donor. Renamed financial aid is not extra money in the grant or scholarship, they are renamed in honor of the individual(s) who has committed to investing in your success here at Western New England University. We greatly appreciate those who have come before us, and in appreciation of their gift, recipients of endowed funds may be required to compose a letter of thanks and create a profile that highlights your experiences on campus. You may also be asked to attend an event where you may network with fellow recipients and donors.

You may be eligible for either a donor sponsored scholarship or a scholarship from an outside organization.  Please view the two types of scholarships in the links below.