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Students to Study Abroad in Nicaragua

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Samoa Bay

Samoa Bay

Eight Western New England University students will travel to Nicaragua this summer as a part of the ILP 235 Global Sustainability and BUS 315 International Practicum courses. The trip will immerse students into Nicaraguan culture in the cities of Granada, Managua, and Leon and expand their knowledge of its role in the global economy. 

Professor Jack Greeley, Professional Educator of Management in the College of Business, runs the program. 

“I run the trip to provide an incredible experience for students to see the world from an entirely different perspective and gain an international perspective,” says Professor Greeley. 

The trip will include crucial interaction with the Nicaraguan people to provide a new perspective. Students will do volunteer work with local high school students and get a few introductory lessons in Spanish, as well as hear from and talk with University students in Granada about what differentiates them from their peers in poverty, the community off the coast of Lake Nicaragua, former prisoners of the Civil War era, experts on disease affecting sugar cane workers, the impact of pollution in Lake Managua, and more. 

“I’m excited to gain a sense of what the world outside of America is really like,” says freshman Arts and Entertainment Management major, Rae Goss. “I am going to learn and expand my knowledge of the world and a culture that is completely different from my own.” 

Students will be able to experience Nicaraguan culture and landscape through cooking classes, zip lining, and more. 

“Not only will I be able to fulfill my dreams of traveling  out of the country, I will be learning about a new culture and helping those who are in need of help in this developing country,” says Freshman English major, Matthew Thibodeau. 

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