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Published: September 05, 2017 | Categories: Alumni

Q & A with Gennah Borg ’16: Alumni-in-Admissions Volunteer


Our Alumni-in-Admissions program bridges the past with the future by connecting alumni with high school students. Meet Alumni-in-Admissions volunteer extraordinaire Gennah Borg '16, who recently talked about her experience in the program and how it allows her to stay involved with the Western New England University community.

How did you get involved with the Alumni-in-Admissions program?

I saw a Facebook post looking for volunteers, and I contacted the program coordinator. I was thrilled to find a volunteer opportunity that allows me to stay connected to the Western New England University community, even though I live on Long Island. I enjoy interacting with prospective students and their families because I love meeting new people and sharing my experiences with them.

Can you tell me about your University experience? What did you study? What activities were you involved in as a student?

I was a Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations, and I minored in Theater. I was extremely involved on campus throughout my four years as an undergraduate. My activities included Hall Council, Campus Activity Board, Stageless Players, writing for The Westerner, serving on the All University Committees, and I worked in the Office of Learning Beyond the Classroom. Getting involved on campus and focusing on my interests helped me to discover what I wanted to build my career upon. And it’s so much more than just an education. Western New England is like a family! 

What is your life like now?

I work in arts and theater marketing, and have been involved in such projects as the New York Musical Festival. I also volunteer with Broadway Cares, one of the nation’s leading industry-based, nonprofit AIDS fundraising and grant-making organizations.

Can you tell me about what you do as an Alumni-in-Admissions volunteer?

As an Alumni-in-Admissions volunteer, I attend college fairs on behalf of Western New England University. When I see prospective students at college fairs, looking just as scared and unsure of what lies ahead as I once was, I like to talk to those students about their extracurricular interests. I like to stress that the University has over 70 clubs and organizations for students to explore, where they can meet like-minded people and even make new friends with differing values. I tell them that they will definitely find something they love at Western New England University.

What are some of the common questions you get from prospective students and their families?

Parents and students are usually interested in the admissions criteria and the academic programs. I have a cheat sheet that the Admissions Office provided me so I can usually answer their questions. But if not, I can always point them in the direction of someone on staff who can help.

What do you enjoy most about representing Western New England University to prospective students?

I know firsthand that the transition from high school to college can be overwhelming. From our smaller class sizes, enthusiastic staff and faculty—and enough opportunities for work study positions, internships, and jobs—the University is really like its own small city of Golden Bears in the heart of western Massachusetts. I just love sharing my experience with others and I hope that it inspires them to want to attend Western New England University too.

What would you say to an alum who is thinking about joining the Alumni-in-Admissions program?

If you enjoyed your college experience at Western New England and you want to share that with other people, becoming an Alumni-in-Admissions volunteer is perfect for you. You can help prospective students have the same incredible experiences and opportunities you had.

Contact one of our Alumni-in-Admissions program coordinators to learn more or get involved:

Kaitlyn O'Konis '12 

Olivia Mazzarella '10