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Why get vaccinated against COVID-19?

Published: April 16, 2021 | Categories: All News, Pharmacy and Health Sciences

A message from Dean Pezzuto:

Pharmacy student getting vaccinated.

Our PharmD students share their answers.

"The Pharmacist as Educator" is how we view the role of the pharmacist in our society at the WNE University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. If ever there was a teaching moment for our current and future pharmacists, it is now as we seek answers about COVID-19 vaccinations.

To help our community members and the public understand more about the vaccines and why they choose to get them, our Doctor of Pharmacy students have produced this insightful video. Watch now.

"We hope that this message helps to provide some information, instills some confidence in receiving the COVD-19 vaccine, and helps us in our efforts to ending the pandemic," says Briana O'Connell PY3, president of the Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

This project is demonstrative of the many ways the members of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences community, students, faculty, and alumni and the University as a whole, have stepped up to serve others during the pandemic.

As I have said before, our PharmD alumni aren't just on the front lines of vaccine distribution they are 20 feet in front of it. And they are not alone, our learners and faculty are out there too.

Now that COVID-19 vaccinations are becoming widely available, especially to younger populations, I hope that you will watch this video—and share it.

To learn more about how WNE is serving communities during the pandemic, follow the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Western New England University on social media.

Sincerely yours,
John M. Pezzuto, PhD, DSc