Pharmacy students

Core Competencies

Our Core Competencies And Values

In order to accomplish the responsibilities required of the profession, the pharmacist must possess certain attitudes and abilities. To that end, the College of Pharmacy has ten general and professional ability-based outcomes which are required of its graduates. These are referred to as the WCOP Core Comps. These competency statements include eleven general ability-based outcomes which mirror the core values of Western New England University and the pharmacy profession, as well as six professional ability-based outcomes essential to the practice of pharmacy.

General Abilities

  • Thinking and Learning
  • Social and Cultural Awareness
  • Active Citizenship and Leadership
  • Personal Judgement
  • Communication

Professional Abilities

  • Knowledge Base
  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Population-Based Care
  • Systems Management
  • Public Health and Wellness
  • Collaboration and Teamwork

Learners will be evaluated on these competencies within courses of the curriculum, as part of programmatic requirements, and through annual benchmarking assessments.

Core Competencies Defined: