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Crime Prevention

One of the most significant means of providing protection and assistance to the community is the protective escort service. Escorts, for safety reasons, are provided by University Police or the Student Patrol 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An escort may be provided by officers/student patrol on foot, patrol bike, or by cruiser if available. Students, Faculty, and Staff may request an escort by calling 413-782-1207 or by using one of the numerous blue light emergency phones located across campus.

We are proactive in the prevention of criminal behavior. By issuing Crime Prevention Notices, the Department helps students, faculty, and staff draw attention to situations that could make them victims of crime. The effort and cooperation behind Crime Prevention Notices is to help the community make itself more aware of their surroundings and to partner with the University Police to prevent crime on campus. These Crime Prevention Notices are used for vehicles, apartments, and offices.

Our officers make numerous Crime Prevention presentations to the various residence halls on campus every semester. The presentations focus on topics that concern the University community and assist students in recognizing the potential for anyone to become a victim of a crime. The presentations further address emotional, legal, and financial ramifications connected with each crime. Crime Prevention topics that are addressed by the University Police at these presentations include, Date Rape, Operating Under the Influence (OUI), Gambling, Alcohol, Drugs, Suspect Identification, and General Safety.

Crime Alerts

To keep up to date with emergency notifications, students, faculty, and staff can subscribe to the RAVE Alert system through the Connect2U portal on the website. Similar information may be posted on the department's social media pages.

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